Credit 1500 USD: Small credit at the best rate

  • October 28, 2019

Do you need a 1500 USD loan? Do not rush because the rates can be very different from one lender to another. We have analyzed the different possibilities of obtaining a loan of 1500 USD at the best rate.

Credit 1500 USD: where to find this cheap little credit?

Credit 1500 USD: where to find this cheap little credit?

A 1500 USD credit rather falls into the category of small credit. Indeed, on average in France the most requested credit is a credit 10,000 USD. For a small loan of 1,500 USD, the credit organizations do not fight.

While they will receive less money than for a 10,000 USD loan, they invest just as much in advertising. The margin is therefore much smaller. This is the reason why, the rates are less attractive for a credit 1000 USD to 2000 USD than for a conventional loan higher than 5000 $. Credit organizations therefore prefer to focus on a 1500 USD credit offer integrated into a revolving credit solution.

Best loan offer 1500 USD

Best loan offer 1500 USD

As we have just seen, it is impossible to find a good offer (often just an offer) of 1500 USD credit in the form of repayable credit. The offers that exist are revolving credit offers without proof of use. And on the subject, some offers really stand out. Here for information the best revolving credit organizations, namely those generally offering the best rates and / or accepting the most easily the files.

Thanks to our credit comparison tool, you will find the ranking of the best 1500 USD credit offers. In addition, you will benefit from an evaluation of your file without obligation. This will give you an orientation on the possibilities of obtaining real credit.

What about store credit?

What about store credit?

Obviously, you can think of store credit for your 1500 USD credit. Why not, especially since some offers can be really attractive. However, it is important to know a few things:

  • Store credit cards are linked to revolving credit
  • The revolving credit rate is generally between 15% and 20%
  • Special operations are only valid in store

If your need is very specific and you can buy everything in one place, you can find out on the store card and find out if there is a credit promotion. If this is not the case and you need money for several reasons, it will not be possible to benefit from credit promotions.

Indeed, even multi-brand cards such as the Aurore card or store cards in bank card version almost never offer credit promotion outside the store that opened the card. To conclude, take a store loan to get the best offer of 1500 USD credit, it is possible but there are conditions. It is especially not possible to get money on your account, unlike applying for credit online.

Credit 1500 $ or bank overdraft?

Credit 1500 $ or bank overdraft?

Banks are reluctant to grant small loans, but why? There are two main reasons:

  • They make more money by leaving their customers uncovered
  • The cost of management and time is not worth the effort, since the interest is minor on such a small amount

Bank overdraft is very expensive for customers. It also generates additional costs at certain banks, which can increase the bill. It is better to favor a real 1500 USD loan than to remain overdrawn and to increase your overdraft limit.

Conditions for a 1500 USD loan

Conditions for a 1500 USD loan

The conditions for obtaining your 1500 USD credit remain the same as for a larger amount of credit. The following supporting documents must therefore be provided:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income (salary slip at least, sometimes the tax notice)
  • Bank proof (RIB)

Finally, just because the 1500 USD loan is a small loan does not mean that organizations will be much more flexible. The acceptance criteria are undoubtedly lightened, but one cannot imagine being able to obtain it without a stable financial situation.

Debt consolidation for bad payers, how does it work?

  • July 27, 2019

Debt consolidation for bad payers is not easy to obtain, the main problem is that bad payers appear on the Crif list, the IT system that catalogs debtors, where banks and financial companies can learn credit history and a subject requesting a loan. At source of this, credit institutions can refuse to accept a loan because they consider the applicant a bad payer, so what do you do if you want to get debt consolidation for bad payers? Let’s see below what the right solutions are.

Debt consolidation for bad payers, what solutions?

Debt consolidation for bad payers, what solutions?

What to do to get debt consolidation for bad payers? The most suitable solutions, and in some cases the only possible ones, are those related to the assignment of the fifth and the loan delegation, very similar in the structure of the loan, let’s see how they work. The salary assignment provides that the person requesting the consolidation of debts for bad payers has a fixed pay slip, for which he is a permanent employee or even a pensioner; in this case a loan can also be obtained for a period of 20 years, granted depending on the case, during which the payment of the installment in equal amount of one fifth of the salary, takes place directly by the owner of the debtor, defined as bad payer. In this case the employer is the guarantor of the loan, committing himself to pay the amount fixed in the fifth as said, directly to the creditor financial institution. The same is true with the proxy loan which has the same characteristics as the loan of the sale of the fifth. It can be granted in exceptional cases and when the case permits. The latter is a type of financing to be carefully evaluated, it allows a further deduction of the salary for a maximum value of 40% of the same, but it is necessary to weigh everything well because it can be very heavy to bear. It can be suitable for those people who have an important type of salary, which leaves a large economic margin to be able to manage for living expenses or almost everyday.
Any debt consolidation for bad pay is on average more expensive than other consolidations of previous loans.

Debt consolidation for bad payers, when to ask for it?

Debt consolidation for bad payers, when to ask for it?

When can I ask for debt settlement for bad payers? Debt consolidation for bad payers can be requested when there are several installments to be paid each month, so there is a need to unify the various loans in a single solution, perhaps to avoid the risk of forgetting some deadline or perhaps to enclose the unambiguously, while also reducing the interest rate.

Fee Adjustment and Risk Update

  • May 30, 2019

Good Bank will make two changes to the marketplace in early June 2010. On the one hand we adjust the fee structure and on the other hand we update the risk data.

1. Adjustment of the fee structure


At the beginning of June 2010, we will adjust the fee structure in the marketplace. This means specifically:


Good Bank Investors will then be charged a 1.35% processing fee to purchase a loan, instead of a fixed fee of $ 4. As before, the fee will be refunded if the borrower withdraws the loan agreement within 14 days. What is new is that Good Bank automatically reimburses 50% of the processing fee in the event of early termination of the loan agreement by the borrower within the first 6 months.


For Good Bank borrowers , the following fees will apply in the future:


• For 36-month loans instead of previously 2%, an amount of 2.5% of the loan amount or the equivalent of 0.83% per term year.
• For 60-month loans instead of 2.5% so far, an amount of 3% of the loan amount or the equivalent of 0.6% per term year.
• There is no change to the minimum charge of 40 EUR for 36 months or 60 EUR for 60 months.


We are aware that fee adjustments are generally not welcomed by all market participants. Nonetheless, we believe it is a right move so that Good Bank can continue to offer its customers a good range of products and ongoing product innovations with high benefits.


a) Benefits for Good Bank investors

a) Benefits for Good Bank investors

Good Bank has offered investors a unique investment opportunity combined with attractive returns for several years. In 2009, Good Bank Investors were able to achieve an average net return after deduction of all costs of 7.3%. The investor return is slightly changed by the new processing fee. For example, someone will pay Good Bank a 36-month loan of $ 500 and get 9% interest. In this case, the new processing fee reduces its return by one percentage point (previously about half a percentage point). At 60 months, the reduction is only about 0.6% (previously about 0.35%). The uniqueness is above all in supporting the projects of other people. In particular, the ability to independently and transparently decide who to give their money to is highly valued as a “social return”.


The changeover to the percentage fee structure is primarily a reaction to investor feedback. Since the introduction of fees last year, there has often been the objection that a percentage fee is fairer because it does not affect the investment amount. In particular, investors who prefer smaller bids benefit from this change. In addition to pools, investors can more easily spread their risk by bidding on smaller bids and now have lower costs per bid. Consequently, the fee for larger bids is also higher than before.


b) Benefits for Good Bank borrowers

b) Benefits for Good Bank borrowers

The simplicity of financing at Good Bank provides a high level of convenience for borrowers: after filing an application online, submitting documentation and being reviewed by the Good Bank team, the project is now being funded directly by private investors on average in less than a day. Thereafter, the money is usually paid out within 48 hours of financing at Valmont. In addition, Good Bank has significantly expanded its service offering to borrowers in the last 12 months. This includes above all the quick loan, the transfer service and the increase of the maximum loan amount to 50,000 euros. Overall, with the increase in agency fees to 2.5% for 36 months and 3% for 60 months, Good Bank remains one of the more favorable credit providers in Germany. As before, Good Bank has no up-front fees. So fees only apply when you get a loan. Likewise, Good Bank has no additional charges, hidden costs such as account maintenance fees or a transfer fee.
For investors and borrowers, we therefore have the advantage of a simple fee structure: all costs are transparent in a single fee and easy to calculate.


2. Updating the risk data

At the beginning of June 2010, we will update the risk premium to one of the most important risk ratios on the Good Bank marketplace. The risk premium indicates the amount of the expected yield reduction from own credit losses or failures in the investor pools and is an estimate.


Since our market launch, the estimate of the risk premium has been based on Bank data. We used this data for two reasons. Firstly, due to a lack of proprietary data, it was important for us to provide investors with a risk estimate as a decision aid using the Bank data. On the other hand, the Bank has historical data that are statistically highly informative. Nothing changed about that.


In addition, we have collected and analyzed our own data on delays and failures over the last 3 years. Due to the young age of the loan agreements (the first loans end their term these days) Good Bank Investors’ credit portfolio can not be fully valued yet. Nevertheless, we can now for the first time consider our own data and its development in the risk premiums. In concrete terms, this means that we adjust the risk premiums once a year. In this way, we want to make it possible for the risk present on the marketplace to be valued and priced even better than before. The annual adjustment can mean either an increase or a reduction in the risk premiums, depending on how the development is.


The adaptation for this year will be implemented in June 2010. This indicates that Bank’s failure data are lower than the failures observed so far. As a precautionary measure, we will raise expected default rates by one-third and adjust risk premiums and expected returns accordingly. Due to the still insufficient number of cases, the adjustment is not made individually for each credit rating class, but equally across all credit rating classes. This means the following risk premiums:



These new risk expectations will be automatically included in the risk premiums from June 2010. What does this mean for investors? For existing investments, the updated expected rate of return shown in its “My Valmont” area is reduced by approximately 0.9 percentage points on average. For future cash investments, the risk premiums that are available in the yield calculator, investment assistant, bid assistant and Good Bank professional, as well as bidding, are automatically updated to allow a better return and risk estimate on the marketplace.


Please note that the risk premium is a forward-looking forecast based on data from Bank and Good Bank and will be updated once a year from the beginning of June 2010. As it is an estimate, Good Bank can not guarantee or assume that the forecast risk premium actually arrives at this level. It can be higher or lower.

These two measures are designed to provide our clients with the most transparent and efficient marketplace possible, enabling them to make good decisions on direct money transactions. Only then can we achieve the goal of establishing a new standard in the lending business together with our customers. We were able to take a big step forward with you in 2009. More and more people are using Good Bank as a clever alternative to banking products.

To issue micro-loans to collectors will be banned

  • May 22, 2019

The Finance Committee in the State Duma approved the amendment submitted by the government, which prohibits collection organizations from issuing microloans.

Interaction of collectors and credit institutions


After that, the committee invited the State Duma to carefully consider the draft law, which describes in detail the interaction of collectors and credit institutions with borrowers in case of arrears.

The Ministry of Economic Development

The Ministry of Economic Development

The Ministry of Economic Development believes that special structures should deal with the collection of debts from the population, whose activities, in turn, should be regulated at the legislative level.

At the moment, a register is being created of organizations that are entitled to work with debtors to determine whether they have any debts on a loan or a loan.

According to the creators of the registry, kollektroskie agencies will more closely monitor the actions of their employees at the time of communication with the debtors because of the risk of drop out of this registry.

Borrower has the right to stop

Borrower has the right to stop

Also, in the next reading, amendments will be considered denoting a period of four months from the moment of arising of delay, after which, the borrower has the right to stop the interaction with the recoverer.

However, the party demanding the return of the debt may challenge this term in court, and in the case of a positive court decision, extend the term by two months.

However, in case of refusal to communicate with the collector or the debt collection department, the borrower should remember that the case is transferred to the bailiffs and in this case the amount of debt is automatically increased by 7%.

Our company has been issuing microloans to the population for several years. A microloan SPb.

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Compare loans and save – our tips

  • May 17, 2019

If you want to compare loans to fulfill a personal desire, to finance a television or to overcome a financial shortage, you are in the best of company. Today, almost every German citizen regularly needs credit.

Loans are taken up for a wide range of purposes. For example, a loan is used to finance real estate and cars. In addition, many consumers also take so-called consumer loans in order to afford consumer goods such as a smartphone, a vacation trip or furniture. Loans are also taken out for car repairs, further education and rescheduling of the credit line. Read more about rescheduling here. Anyone considering financing with debt capital should compare the offers for loans.

Compare loans – that’s important

Compare loans - that

If you want to compare loans, you should know what to look for in a loan comparison. There are several criteria that significantly influence the loan.

These include the loan interest, the term, the loan amount and the possibilities for repayment. The lending rates dictate how expensive the loan will be. Those who want to compare loans should therefore pay particular attention to the level of interest.

It is important to know that the interest rates for credit-dependent interest may vary from one prospective to another. Here, consumers should seek a personal offer to know the personal interest rate.

With a good credit rating, the interest rate is usually very low

With a good credit rating, the interest rate is usually very low

If the credit rating is medium or poor, the interest rate will be much worse or the loan application will be rejected. Here is a loan for low-income people interesting.

Private credit may be a better alternative to bank credit. It is also important to ensure that the desired loan amount and term are actually offered by the respective bank. With the other conditions, free special payments and a free early transfer option are an advantage.

Easily compare loans online


If you want to compare loans, you do not have to go to the trouble and do the loan comparison by hand. Credit seekers do not have to search the different offers by time-consuming research, in order to then compare them in a table. If you want to compare loans, you can do this easily and quickly on the Internet today.

In an online comparison, consumers only need to provide information on the loan amount, the term and the intended use and immediately they receive suitable offers. 

How do I apply for Bank?

  • May 2, 2019

In our last contribution to the theme Bauchindergeld 2018, some basic questions about the construction costs could already be clarified. Due to recent events, we want to pick up on this topic today. Since 18.09.2018 , applications can be submitted to the Bank.

In our contribution today, we therefore dedicate ourselves to the question: How do I apply for Bank?

Who can apply for childminder benefit?

Who can apply for childminder benefit?

In principle, all families or single parents with a taxable household income of up to € 75,000 per year (plus a tax allowance of € 15,000 per child) can apply for construction child benefits. In the household income review, the average income of previous years applies (for applications in 2018, the income from the years 2016 and 2015 applies). Even parents of adoptive children can apply for Bank – provided they have a claim to child benefit.

Decisive in the application is that you acquire the property for the first time and for your own use . Then you can get for every child under 18 years, a subsidy of 1,200 euros a year. This promotion will be paid out for 10 years .

If you want to find out if you are eligible for Bank, use the Bank online check-up.

Good to know: The number of children for whom a family can receive the grant is not limited.


How do I apply for Bank?


In order for you to receive Bank, you must apply for funding at the latest 3 months after your move into the new property at the Bank. The property must have been purchased in the period from 01.01.2018 to 31.12.2020 . Decisive here is the date of the purchase contract.

Registration takes place via the grant portal of Bank. After filing your application, the bank will check if you are eligible to receive the grant. After you have submitted the application, you have a maximum of 3 months to upload all necessary documents to the grant portal. Until the subsidy portal is activated in the spring of 2019, you must submit your documents by post.

To process the application, you must submit the following documents:

  • Income tax assessments of the two calendar years before application
  • All birth certificates of children living in the household
  • registration card
  • Purchase contract (for existing real estate)
  • Building permit (for new buildings)

Good to know: There is no general entitlement to Bank, since the funding can be paid only as long as funds are available.

You can obtain more information on the subject of Bank and applying for funding under the Bank 424 program from the Bank.

Make money easy and fast is it possible?

  • April 28, 2019

Earning easy and quick money brings together two ideas that rarely go hand in hand. When certain income is easy to get, normally you have to wait a long period to be able to collect them. And those that can be received in a short time, require difficult conditions to meet or even high doses of luck. This is not the case with Fast Lending’s immediate loans , as we will see in this article.


To illustrate the above cases, it is enough to take a look at two common situations: investments in the Stock Exchange and the Lottery. In the first case, it is not too complicated to make money buying shares: you just have to choose a truly solvent company with a future projection, or even acquire government bonds, to have benefits. However, to gather a fairly attractive benefit it is necessary to wait years. In the second case, the Lottery itself is capable of providing a good pinch of immediate money but, of course, it is highly unlikely that luck knocks on your door.

Even bank loans are not capable of combining the concepts of easy and fast. In fact, they are usually neither one nor the other: they impose very rigid demands on the client and to be able to enjoy them one must have patience, since the processing and acceptance can last days or weeks.

This is not the case with Fast Lending’s online microloans. They do not require large paperwork, their requirements are flexible to allow most of the people to benefit from them and are processed directly by Internet, without the need for travel. Below we explain who can get them and how.

Who can make easy and fast money in Fast Lending

Who can make easy and fast money in Fast Lending

One of the great advantages of Fast Lending’s quick and easy credits is that virtually anyone of legal age can aspire to them. Of course, those who are in a stable and comfortable economic position. But also those who are going through a less favorable situation or even economic emergency, who receive a NO for an answer in the bank offices. We speak mainly of people who are in these three situations:

  • Being enrolled in a list of defaulters, such as ASNEF : in Fast Lending is not a reason to reject this fact.
  • Not having a fixed and full-time payroll : in Fast Lending quick easy loans are granted to those who have a pension or unemployment benefit.
  • No avail : in Fast Lending it is not necessary to provide guarantees, neither personal nor bank.

How to access Fast Lending’s quick and easy money

How to access Fast Lending

These are the steps you must follow to get a loan in Fast Lending, thanks to which we can talk about easy and fast financing:

  1. Register in the website : it is a procedure that takes just a few minutes and is as simple as creating an email account or a user account in an online store. You will need to indicate an email address to receive a confirmation email and after that you will have to fill in your personal information, including the bank account in which you wish to receive the money.
  2. Indicate amount and term : it is done very easily through the two selectors of the web. The minimum amount to request is € 50 while the maximum is € 750.
  3. Check your bank statement : after a very short period of just a few minutes, we will contact you to announce if the application has been accepted, something really likely, since our rate of acceptance of applications is over 90%.
  4. Return the amount of the credit plus the management expenses.

When to return the microloan of Fast Lending

When to return the microloan of Fast Lending

The last step of this process is, logically, the repayment of the loan, in which you will have to return the amount received in your account plus the expenses of management of the operation, of which you will be informed at all times and without hidden costs. The date of the return you choose in step 2: the minimum term is 1 day while the maximum is 30 days. After that, the loan will be settled and you can start a new loan application process. In fact, in Fast Lending we have a 98.99% loyal customers.

This way of earning easy and fast money is, therefore, a good help for unforeseen situations or for specific moments of economic need. This is how the thousands of customers who have requested a total of more than 184,000 immediate loans through our website conceive it, and have allocated it to any daily situation, without explaining or providing justifications: the extension of a vacation, the repair of a breakdown of the car, the payment of a traffic fine before the end of the voluntary period, a receipt of the light higher than expected …