ANC cabinet blows R20m on luxury cars and fuel – Leon Schreiber

Leon Schreiber |

March 28, 2022

DA MP says 24 new vehicles purchased since 2019 at an average cost of R789,736

As children starve, ANC cabinet spends R20m on fuel and new luxury cars

March 27, 2022

Note to Editors: Please find the attached sound clips in English of Congressman Leon Schreiber. See full table of numbers here.

Last week, reports surfaced that as poverty ravaged South Africa, seven children had died of starvation in the Eastern Cape. This loss of innocent lives is a tragic confirmation of how hunger, poverty and unprecedented hardship have plagued millions of South Africans over the past three years. The devastation wrought by destructive and often senseless lockdowns, combined with soaring fuel and food prices caused by the chronic corruption and mismanagement of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s cabinet, has trapped more citizens in poverty, hunger and unemployment than ever before in the history of South Africa.

Last week, Statistics South Africa reported that the annual inflation rate on staple foods like bread and maize meal more than doubled in January, while the Reserve Bank hiked interest rates an additional 25 basis points for fear that inflation will escalate. control. Statistics South Africa also reported that the price paid by ordinary South Africans for transport rose by 14.3% year-on-year, with some economists predicting fuel prices could soon hit R40 a liter .


While every other citizen feels this pain every day at the taxi stand, at the gas pump and at the cash register, there is an elite class of South Africans who are exempt from the crisis of the cost of life facing our country: the very ANC cabinet that caused the poverty crisis in the first place.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) today reveals new information, obtained through a series of parliamentary questions, which shows that while most South Africans struggle to find a working train and can barely pay for taxi fares or refuel petrol or diesel, President Cyril Ramaphosa’s anti-poverty cabinet has spent more than R20 million of public funds on fuel and luxury vehicles nine for ANC Ministers and Deputy Ministers over the past three years. Many of these new vehicles also cost significantly more than the R700,000 spending limit nominally imposed by the November 2019 version of the Ministerial Handbook.

Under the terms of the handbook, every minister and MP receives a luxury vehicle to use in Pretoria and Cape Town, courtesy of the South African taxpayer. The cost of fuel, maintenance, tires and tolls for all these vehicles are also paid out of the pockets of the South African public.

Since 2019, the ANC’s anti-poverty cabinet has spent more than R1 million on fuel and maintenance for ministers’ and deputy ministers’ luxury official vehicles alone. This despite the fact that South Africa has been stuck for much of the past three years, with mobility severely restricted.