Customs Ctg Auctions 108 Luxury Cars

Chattogram Customs will auction 108 luxury cars in mid-May, both online and through conventional means, Customs sources said.

Sources say Chattogram Customs held an auction in November last year after a massive campaign of 112 vehicles placed under the ‘Carnet de Passage’ but only three were sold as bidders were bidding less than 60 % of estimated price. The reserve value of the vehicles was estimated at around $21 million, but bids on all the cars only reached $1.9 million.

Customs did not receive the expected response, without clearance authorization (CP) from the Ministry of Commerce.

From now on, Chattogram customs will organize the auction in accordance with the conditions set by the Ministry of Commerce.

Al-Amin, deputy commissioner of customs at Chattogram, told The Business Standard: “The auction will take place shortly after Eid. The reserve value of the cars will remain the same as before and a massive bidding campaign will be conducted like last time. . We hope to get a wide response from buyers as there are no complications regarding clearance from the Ministry of Commerce this time. »

These vehicles have been resting in the Chattogram harbor yard for eight years. The engines, batteries, wheels and other parts of these vehicles were damaged during this long period.

The cars up for auction are of various brands including Mitsubishi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Land Cruiser, CRV, Lexus, Ford, Jaguar, Daewoo and Honda.

Chattogram Customs Commissioner Mohammad Fakhrul Alam told TBS: “The date of the auction will be announced at a press conference after Eid. This time we will be able to sell these cars which are resting in wearing it for a long time.”

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