Thieves steal nearly $1 million worth of luxury cars from Evanston dealership during late night party – NBC Chicago

A brazen nighttime robbery at a high-end car dealership in suburban Evanston was caught on camera, with the robbers making off with nearly $1 million worth of vehicles.

The theft occurred between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. Monday morning at the Autobarn Collection, located in the 1900 block of Greenwood Street.

Police say at least 14 vehicles, including several Mercedes, several Audis and at least two Porsches, were stolen in the robbery.

The suspects smashed a window with a crowbar and disabled a security system before getting to work stealing the vehicles.

“In five hours, they made three separate trips,” said dealership partner Sam Mustafa. “It was shocking.”

Mustafa said the suspects were able to break into the car’s key safe inside the dealership and nearly emptied the entire showroom.

“It doesn’t seem like these criminals are afraid of being arrested or prosecuted, which is a bit scary for us,” he said. “It’s terrifying to think they were just here to shop.”

Evanston police say the suspects seemed ‘relaxed’ as they moved through the dealership, but say that while they have no leads in the case, they are confident the unique nature of the stolen vehicles might help lead to the suspects.

“Area police departments have been notified of some of the vehicles that have been taken,” Commander Ryan Glew said with Evanston PD. “Some of the vehicles were quite unique, so they should be easy to spot.”

The thieves also stole a 2013 Bentley and a 2018 Mase Levante, according to a police report.

Now Mustafa says even with insurance, the dealer will still have to pay over $100,000 because of the theft.

“It’s going to be substantial,” he said. “Insurance doesn’t pay for everything. There is a victim here. It’s not as simple as filling out paperwork and picking it all up.

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